There is Another Way to Combat COVID19

The new coronavirus, 2019-nCoV, cause a certain panic in several countries since, to date, there are no vaccines or antivirus drugs really effective in the prevention or treatment of Covid19. Public health authorities lost control over the spread of virus, as people without symptoms can infect others. The more it multiplies, the more cases there are and greater risk of mutation.

Since this is a virus whose genetic material is RNA, it must have mutated and will continue to change as long as it continues to circulate in humans. This usually happens with some viruses, such as the flu virus, which is why we have not permanent immunity, even if vaccinated. But for some virus, for measles, polio, etc., our immune system memory cells whenever we come in contact with these viruses, they are reactivated, and we can defend ourselves. In relation to some virus this is not possible because it changes, it is different each time, and our organism does not recognize it. Furthermore, for some viruses that “know” to hide inside our cells, we are unable to produce vaccines. See the case of HIV that has been circulating among us since the 1980s and after 40 years we still have not a vaccine.

What can defend us against this virus and keep the innate immunity, also called natural or Th1, activated? Immunity, defense, is done through cells and molecules, all interacting and all important. I think everyone has seen a movie where a sentry is responsible for guarding a fort, a fortress, and that gives notice of the invasion. It is common for this guard to get tired or fall asleep and when he gives the alert, it is already late, the defense of this fortress becomes much more complicated. In our organism, the cell that acts as the sentinel is the macrophage. That is why this cell is found in all possible entrance doors of our organism: skin, all mucous membranes (oral, in the digestive, respiratory, urinary tract), central and peripheral nervous system, covering blood and lymph capillaries, organs such as liver, spleen and lungs, in short, throughout our body. And it is produced by the bone marrow, which produces our blood, continuously released into the circulatory current, invading the tissues and replacing the dead macrophages in combat. But like human sentinels, they are not always very attentive, so much so that in English the term used for resident macrophages is “resting macrophages”.

Therefore, the innate immune response not only plays an important protective role, but also serves to initiate and regulate defenses via the subsequent acquired immune response. And do you know the good news? After more than 20 years of research, we know that there is a very efficient homeopathic complex, in fact there are several good homeopathies, but the fastest acting, one we have seen so far, has been found in the medicine coded as M8, that is, ANBUTA PLUS. ANBUTA PLUS is not a vaccine, but it can prevent the development of Covid19 by activating our innate Immune System, and, even if the virus undergoes mutation or recombination, CD8, NK and macrophage cells can still recognize cells carrying the virus and allow production of specific antibodies by B lymphocytes.

Dr Dorly Buchi,

Researcher and Scientist