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Harmonizing Health With Ancient Wisdom

Late Amrut N. Pradhan


Late Arvind Amrut Pradhan

Guiding Light

Subodh Arvind Pradhan

Managing Director

New Beginning

Dr. K N Pradhan, a renowned doctor from Nagpur, returns from England and starts a venture with his younger brother, Amrut N Pradhan in 1936. The venture is named Amrut Pharmacy out of love and affection for Amrut. Amrut Pharmacy flourished under the leadership of Dr. K N Pradhan and Amrut N Pradhan.

Carrying the Baton Forward

Subodh Arvind Pradhan, the grandson of Amrut Narayan Pradhan, emerges as a prominent figure in the pharmaceutical industry. He held top positions in leading pharmaceutical companies and gained extensive experience in Allopathy, Ayurveda, and Homeopathy.

Journey Continues to New Heights

Inspired by his grandfather’s dream and guided by Shri Arvind Amrut Pradhan, Subodh Arvind Pradhan decided to pursue his own venture. In line with his vision, he established Natel Neutratec (INDIA) Pvt. Ltd, with a focus on producing effective and result-oriented products.

Natel Neutratec (INDIA) Pt Ltd has gained a strong reputation in the market, thanks to the certifications received and the positive feedback from thousands of regular customers across India.

Subodh Arvind Pradhan continues to lead the company, carrying forward the legacy of his family in the pharmaceutical industry.