NATSTONE – Capsules (Kidney Stone)

A Balanced Herbal Formula for Stone Treatment

  • Relieves Uterine colic
  • Alleviates symptoms of Painful &
    Burning micturition
  • Reduces oxamide absorption
  • Disintegrates the stone by preventing super saturation
  • Prevents UTI associated with urinary stone & crystalluria
  • Prevents recurrence


Key Ingredients: Hajrool Yahud Bhasma, Jasad bhasma, Guggul Purified Gum, Gokshura Fruits, Varuna Bark, Shigru Seeds, Ushira Roots, Manjishtha Roots, Daruharidra Roots, Musta Tubers, Punarnava Whole Plant, Palash Flowers, Darbha Root, Apamargkshar Whole Plant, Kulitha Seed, Pashanabheda Rhizome

Dosage: 1 capsule three to four times a day or as recommended