Frequent Cold & Flu – Boosts Immunity with Anbuta Plus Drops & Say ‘NO’ To Illness

Boost your Immune System with Anbuta Plus Immunomodulator Drops

When you catch a cold, your immune system jumps into action. Its first job is to fight the infection. The tell-tale symptoms of the common cold, like a cough and stuffy nose, are not from the virus itself but signs your body is fighting a cold.

As you start feeling better, your immune system is still working. Its next job is to get your body ready to fight off the virus in the future. This job is harder than the first because many different viruses can cause colds. Your body might learn to fight off one, but there are still others that could make you sick.

Viruses that cause the common cold attach themselves to the cells inside your nose in your nasal passages and sinuses. After they get inside, the cells start to make copies of themselves. This is called replication.

It takes about two days for the cells to trigger your immune system to start fighting. They do this by releasing chemical messengers called cytokines. Your body responds to the cytokines in a few ways.

The white blood cells also release chemicals to help fight off the virus. The chemicals can cause these spaces to get inflamed. Fluid can also collect in them, giving you a runny nose and cough.

Anbuta Plus Drops boosts up your innate immunity helping the body to fight any infections and virus.

Anbuta Plus activates macrophages, type of white blood cells which helps improve whole body’s immune system and thus helps your own body fight infection and viruses