Immunity and You

I had often heard, bad situations bring something good with them.

COVID19 has brought the realisation of Strong Immunity to the core.

We all are suffering the fear of getting infected with a virus.

All of a sudden the entire world has started speaking about the Strong Immune system to fight out any infection or virus.

We will learn more about the importance of the Immune System in the subsequent blogs, whether it is an Immunocompromised or Auto-immune condition.

In the time of the current pandemic, it is the primary necessity to look after the Immunity of self and the family. Luckily everybody is eating home cooked food, giving a back seat to junk food, a great point scored by all of us, in boosting our immune systems.

Most of the people are working from home, resulting in improved family bonding and saving commuting time. Activities like indoor games, and watching movies and news together have become important in life again, thanks to the lockdown. Discussions on various topics are happening.

Without realising all of us have scored one more point. We have started smiling and laughing more, relieving us of our stress levels.

Improved Immunity and good health have brought with them some great advantages to all of us. Somebody was discussing other day, the percentage of heart attacks and deaths has reduced substantially, during the lockdown.

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Friends, Continue with these good habits even after lockdown opens, to let your Immune System boosted all the time and learn to

Subodh A Pradhan
Author has been advocating
Importance of Immunity, for a decade