Understanding Immunocompromised Condition

If you’re Immunocompromised, You are at a Higher Risk of Infections or Virus

Globally people are taking precautions to protect themselves from the Virus. Some people are at a much higher risk for serious complications from the virus than others, including the elderly and people who are immunocompromised.

What does it mean to be immunocompromised?

A person is immunocompromised, means their immune defence is weakened and not functioning normally. When the defences are low, an individual becomes highly susceptible to infection. These defences, made of an army of cells destroy invaders in the body, protect you against the common cold, bacteria, and viruses, and even cancer.

Compromise immunity can be temporary or permanent, depending on the underlying cause. It also can involve many different aspects of our body’s defence system, such as a lack of white blood cells that phagocytose (basically ‘eat’) and kill microbes, or problems making adequate antibodies in response to exposure to foreign organisms.

What are the most common causes of a compromised immune system?

Chronic conditions that affect the immune system include heart disease, lung disease, lupus, and diabetes. Other conditions that can leave a person immunocompromised include cancer, HIV/AIDS, malnutrition, and some rare genetic disorders. Chemotherapy and steroids can also lower immunity. “They suppress the body’s ability to activate its immune defences by destroying immune cells or by blunting the cell’s ability to spot and kill bacteria.

A person with compromised immunity is more at risk for infection because their immune system may not mount the usual reactions to threats, such as a fever or swelling. This leads to infections being missed early on and allow them to be deeply seated in the body. before a person realizes a need to seek help from a Doctor.

Immunocompromised patients may also lack the ability to respond appropriately to vaccination. That may mean they don’t develop immunity, and they mistakenly assume they are protected against an illness when they are not.

When the immune system isn’t working at full capacity, it doesn’t have the army of immune cells and mediators ready to mount a defence at the first sign of attack.

This means infections may progress more rapidly from a mild virus into sepsis, a widespread infection leading to malfunction of the body’s organs.

Immunocompromised people need to be careful not to weaken their immune systems further.

Emotional stress, lack of sleep, and physical exhaustion can all depress immunity, making an immunocompromised patient more susceptible to disease. Eating a healthy diet consisting of foods that boost immunity is also very useful.

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